Norton Antivirus 2011 Installation Problem

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Hi! Everyone,

I'm trying to install the latest version of Norton Antivirus 2011 in my computer, and before this, I was using 2010 version.

When the installation started, the program said that you have to uninstall the previous version before proceeding.

When I selected to uninstall the previous version, an error message appeared.


Symantec AntiVirus

Error 1714. The older version of Symantec Antivirus

could not be removed. Contact your technical support



Please reply urgently.


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Norton Antivirus 2011 Installation Problem



The best way to solve the error is to replace this Antivirus software with its new version if available. If there is no new version available then go to command panel and then write msconfig.

Stop all Microsoft related services here and then restart your computer and try to install this Antivirus software.

If you have virus then remove it first. There is another reason that may be your computer is corrupted with virus. So you need to use another updated Antivirus and scan the full computer. When you have done with it then uninstall that Antivirus and run a PC cleaner or Antispyware. Then try to install.

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Norton Antivirus 2011 Installation Problem


It has happened due to an error of the system misconfiguration. You can simply overcome this trouble and uninstall the older version of Norton antivirus.

Please follow one of below step.

  1. Go to the official Norton site by clicking below link and download the tools that they have provided in the page to uninstall your current Symantec product that you are struggling to uninstall. Here is the link. Please select your version and download the removal tool uninstall your product.
  2. Download and error 1714 repair tool. It's all free. Just download and run it. Then you will able to uninstall it. Here is the download link.
  3. Here is another error fixing MSI removal too , you can also use this download link.


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Norton Antivirus 2011 Installation Problem


Hello good day!

Actually errors will occur when there is wrong command or the computer is not capable to work due to numerous command which is you have said you are currently performing the installation of your new anti virus. Just do this first before anything else.

Please read.

You can uninstall the old anti virus from your PC just follow the steps below:

1. Go to settings click the control panel then windows appear select the Add or Remove Programs. 

2. The windows of an installed programs will be populating and then will show you the list of the programs.

3. Click the anti virus you want to uninstall from the list provided, and then choose from the option below to remove the program.

I hope this will help you, after the uninstallation, try to install the new anti virus. If this will not solve your problem try to check your new anti virus, it might be corrupted already as a result of the errors.


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