Which is good the Avira anti-virus or AVG?

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Now a days we know that there are many types of antivirus.

I am kind of skeptic about Avira and AVG antivirus which of them are good?

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Which is good the Avira anti-virus or AVG?



First let me know that you want to use full version or trial version. Although both are available in trial version, the size of the antivirus is a fact. AVG free edition for 64 bit is 165.95 MB in size & Avira trial version is 94.62 MB in size. So in this way Avira is good.

If you consider protection ability then AVG is little bit better then Avira but AVG will delete affected file but Avira did not delete affected file. If you consider the price then I can inform you that, Avira price is 35.99 USD & the AVG price is 39.99 USD.

Overall I can say that Avira antivirus is good.

Thank you.

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Which is good the Avira anti-virus or AVG?


Dear Killbill214,

Securing your computer from any type of virus requires having the best choice of antivirus to use.

There are a lot of choices for antivirus software, these includes AVG and Avira.

Both of them are free for home or personal use and have what it takes to be valued by users but, there are only some things that made these two different from each other. AVG detects the system files as viruses while Avira does not showcase a feature like a link scanner which offers security from surfing from any malicious websites.

You can also try these two for yourself and decide which passes your standards.

I hope this can help you.

Have a good day!

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Which is good the Avira anti-virus or AVG?


Avira and AVG are two of the best and most popular anti virus or anti malware. You have to evaluate this two software and decide what to use, in evaluating the software there are two main areas you should look for, performance and features. Avira has the highest detection superiority, fast scanning and a few false positives.

This is what you need to protect your computer from viruses/malware.70. You should buy the licensed software to be able to protect your computer because there is some free notorious software that could harm your computer, and you should enable the highest possible features that a software can offer. Hope this help.

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Which is good the Avira anti-virus or AVG?


Hello there,

Avira and AVG are actually both known for its million wide users and both are also excellent anti-virus software applications that give and provide exceptional protection. Although both anti-virus software are exceptional at their performance, they also both have their positive and negative sides.

AVG has 51 MB while Avira only has 21 MB and both are user friendly also. AVG is a bit more complicated than Avira which, it provides you quicker and lesser worries and simpler to load. Avira has better detection rate than AVG also. As a suggestion, I find Avira most user friendly among the two.

Hope it helped you.



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