How can I remove virus threats on my PC?

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I faced a new problem. I used free Antivirus.

But some malware, virus, spyware affected my Pc.

How I can removed these threads?

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How can I remove virus threats on my PC?



In order to remove malware, virus, spyware you can do the followings:

1. Internet disconnect: Disconnect your PC from a internet connection, because that allows virus to update.

2. Backup CD or USB: Backup all your useful data to a CD or USB.

3. Anti spyware:Three types of anti spyware tools available a.Real time blocking b.After the fact  scanner c.Non-real time protection no scanner. Install as one you need.

4. Install an antivirus: You are using a free antivirus. It's better to buy one. Whichever you choose, update it first. Remember, this is very important. Scan the PC with it. It will show infection list. Perform the actions recommended. Remember don't run more than one AV at the same time. It'll slow you down.

5. Delete the suspicious items.

6. Others: 1.Find critical updates for windows, 2.Safer to scan the drive from a live antivirus rescue  CD. It will boot you and will scan your hard drives.

7. When everything fails: It's time for you to reinstall your windows

NOTE: Backup your windows regularly. Use updated antivirus and do not visit unsafe sites. scan removable drives on plugging it to your PC.

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How can I remove virus threats on my PC?


Just re install your windows or reformat your computer so that you will have no problem on it.

If your using windows XP then you need to buy the original installer for windows XP so that you will have no problem installing the new operating system for your computer.

In order to install the new operating system which is the windows operating XP, put the CD on the CD-DVD drive and you have to make sure that when your computer boot, the first bot should be your CD or DVD drive so that the CD will be read, then just follow what is written on the screen, wait for the CD to be read installed the windows xp.

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