Kaspersky Internet Security activation error

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I am trying to Activate Kaspersky Internet Security, but I get the following error message when I enter the activation code it throws me this error during the progress of activation. I have tried many times to resolve this but could not.

Can I get the resolution to active?

What could be the problem? I am waiting for your help.

Thanks in advance.

Number of activation using this code exceeded.

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Kaspersky Internet Security activation error


This error might have appeared because you were trying to activate the application with a Activation Code which is invalid. You can buy a valid activation code from KasperSky Online E-store.

There is one more possibility which might have led to this error that you reinstalled the product and reactivated it many times on the same computer believing that as it is the same machine, it is not violating the user license. This might have led to blacklisting of your activation key and your local support network might help and offer you a new key with the balance of the license remaining.

If the above is not the case and you are sure that you are activating the Kaspersky Lab product using a valid Activation Code, but this error is still appearing, then to solve this issue, you need to contact Kaspersky Lab Sales support team from the area where you bought your Activation Code. You can find their contact information on Kaspersky website.

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