My computer volume is low. Please he

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My computer volume is too low. How can I increase the sound?

Please help me.

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My computer volume is low. Please he


It is not a very big problem, you can easily solve the problem. First you can see the speaker’s connection. If it is not connected properly, you cannot get a good performance. Make sure that the volume is turned down.

On the other hand if your speakers are not amplified, you should not get a good sound. You can replace the connection cable or connection jack for improving the connection status, and if your speaker is not amplified that means your speaker has no power source.  Then you must buy a new amplified speaker, to get a good performance.

Thank you .

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My computer volume is low. Please he


Hello Shopon,

You can increase your computer volume by going to the sound settings and adjusting them. Use the following procedure:

  • On your computer, look for the volume identity icon in the task bar and click on it.
  • Click on the mixer, and then click system sounds icon.
  • A system sounds dialog box will open.
  • Click on the playback tab, and then click on headphones and then properties.
  • Click on levels and then adjust the volume to maximum

This should help you get high audio on your computer.


Lee Hung

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My computer volume is low. Please he



You must check you speakers if they are functioning perfectly well and then you must have a control cause. After that make sure the speakers attached to the mark out unit of the card and the part of the sound card are linked well, they maybe arranged imperfectly and may be the software is probably on an incorrect location on your computer.  You must check out even the volume controls if your sound card is perfectly fixed.

To check the volume, double click the sound icon on your computer and then check the audio is probably low.  This happens if there are programs such as games on your computer.

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