Computer start without power button

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Hello, I am a desktop computer user. I have a problem with my computer.  My computer, power button is not so much handy. I mean the power button, which is in my computer casing is not working properly.

Sometimes I press it, but it does not work. Sometimes, it takes too much time to start the computer. Is there any other way to start my computer? One thing I think needs to be mentioned is; my motherboard is gigabyte and processor Intel Pentium IV. Please tell me is there any solution?

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Computer start without power button


Hi Dear Sam Guptill,

Your problem seems to be too irritating. Power button of casing is not working, well due to some hardware reasons probably.  But there is another way to start your computer without use of the power button.

You can start your computer with pressing keys in your keyboard. You just need to do some settings in your BIOS for this.

You need to enter BIOS of your computer by pressing DEL. Then go to power management setup, in your BIOS and press enter to select it. Now select power, on my keyboard by pressing arrows and press enter. You are asked for a password. You can give any password  you want. But it is good to choose one key like enter or space as password. After selecting password, press F10 to save your settings and exit BIOS.

Now you can start your computer by pressing, your chosen character or key. This process is valid for gigabyte motherboard. Hope your problem is solved. Thank you.

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Computer start without power button


Dear Sam Guptill,

Its too much of a problem if the regular system is not working. Starting computer with the power button is the normal system, so it’s irritating as you say. There are causes for your problem. Mainly hardware problem, your casing’s power button is connected with the motherboard via some cables.

Probably your cables are not working properly. You can check this out. You can check and repair this connection very easily. Your power supply may be another reason, for this problem. You also can change the casing to solve this. Sometimes computers, cannot accumulate power instantly, due to bad power supply. You can check this out. You can change or repair your power supply, to solve your power button problem. See the power cables which are connected to motherboard, from the power supply. May be they are lost. I mean to say there may be some hardware problem inside your power region. You first check those.

I am hoping there are some small lost connections, which may be causing the problem.

Check those out. Thank you.

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