Multi-colored vertical lines on LCD Monitor

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Just yesterday morning everything was fine about my monitor, I even played games for a while and nothing seems wrong.

However, when I boot up the PC and turned on the monitor, multi-colored vertical lines (like the ones on the picture below) appeared.

Can you tell me the possible causes of these vertical lines?

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Multi-colored vertical lines on LCD Monitor


Hi there,

  • To solve this problem either you have to decide the problem is with your monitor or the Video Card.
  • To Check the Monitor : To check the monitor you can do a simple exercise. You connect your PC system into another monitor which is working properly. If the monitor is working nicely then the problem is definitely with the Video card.
  • To Check the Video Card : If the problem is with the video card then you can plug the video card into another Motherboard and connect a properly working monitor to that. Still the color lines are appeared you got to change your video card.
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Multi-colored vertical lines on LCD Monitor


That is a hardware problem. I often see that on laptops. Most cause of it is applying too much force on the LCDs edge either on the upper part or the lower part.

The matting of the connections inside the LCD’s frame tends to get a little loose maybe for some reasons like bumping, folding too much (in laptops). That is why the only affected part is the side that has been touched.

If you did not touch your screen or any incident where it received an amount of force, you may want to contact the store where you bought it for a repair.

But you may also want to try plugging your computer to another monitor and see if the display is clear. If it’s clear and those colorful lines didn’t appear, then you have a problem with your video card.

You may need to replace it.

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Multi-colored vertical lines on LCD Monitor


It could possibly either the screen is becoming malfunctioning or your video/graphic card is overheating or starting to die/fail. Or may it also be that your monitor or video card is getting worst.

One possibility also is that video card is be over heat which causes what you are seeing, lines can also be called "Artifacts". Also, it could be a driver issue, try cleaning out your drivers using Driver Cleaner, and reinstalling the correct drivers.

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