Missing program.exe on Windows 98

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Hi there guys,

I am having trouble in my second hand computer. I just bought this two weeks ago from a friend and works perfectly fine.

The operating system of my PC is Windows 98. Yeah, a bit old, but I am thinking I do not want to mess up with it since I am not really experienced in formatting my computer.

Anyway, problem is, after two weeks of using it, an error keeps on popping up. It seems it keeps on looking for Program. exe and tells me that I am missing that file. I do not know where to start looking.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Missing program.exe on Windows 98


Windows can not find Program. exe: the file is missing

This error occurs when you are using Microsoft Network or the MSN. The MSN folder under the Program FilesOnline Services might be lost or damaged when you upgrade to Microsoft Windows 98. The file MSNMIG.EXE inside the Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder was referenced to the Shortcut ion con for Internet Explorer in your Desktop. And if you have executed the shortcut then since the file MSNMIG.EXE is missing, Microsoft windows will generate the error message “Windows cannot find Program. exe”.

If in your start-up or you are clicking a short-cut with the Internet link, the error message might occur since the file linked to Internet Explorer which is the MSNMIG.EXE is missing and cannot be located by the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Wormsand virus may generate also this error. Since your browser was not able to always looking for the MSNMIG.EXE, all virus codes with Internet connection activity will trigger the error message due to calling some functions of your Internet explorer or the web browser.

You computer need to be scanned first with anti-virus application and free your computer from virus. You may find free anti-virus software over the Internet or you may purchase license anti-virus software like Norton Anti-Virus, MC-Affee, Kaspersky or any anti-virus that is available today that fits to your operating system.

After cleaning your computer from virus infections, proceed to fix the error that is possibly caused by a virus.

Here’s what we need to do. Your Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder might be damage right? And inside that Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder is the MSNMIG.EXE. This file might be damaged too, since it was inside the folder Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder. Let’s do the fixing our physical drive first. What you need to do is:

  1. Click Start button then Run.
  2. On the run dialog box as it was appeared on the screen, type command. com on the run input box, the click ok.
  3. On the command prompt (the black screen or window appear after running the command.com) type chkdsk /r the press enter to repair your folders and files.
  4. Just wait until done or if the computer just schedule the chkdsk to run on the next boot, close your command.com window then restart your computer.

If the above solution doesn’t fixed the problem, you need to restore your MSNMIG.EXE into the Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder. But before doing this, you need to have a little knowledge on how to extract files from the Original Windows Compressed Files or in the installation files. Please refer to the following links for the process:


Now, let’s say you are now expert on extracting original compressed files from windows installation disk, here’s what to do for the next step.

  1. Extract the file MSNMIG.EXE in the Program FilesOnline ServicesMSN folder.
  2. Then look for the MSN installer over the Internet, most probably the MSN installer is available in Microsoft Web support site. MSN installer might be available inside your Microsoft Windows Operating system installation disk.
  3. Install the MSN application in your computer.

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