Defragmentation and Scan Disk cannot be completed

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Hi Guys,

My name is Harold and I am having an issue with my computer. It is really slow now and according to my friends, I have to delete old and unnecessary files as well as defrag my computer. And that, I am willing to try.

My computer is running on Windows 98 and I have managed to tone down my files in the PC. My problem is, when I am defragging it will not complete the process. Even if I do scan disk, it is the same thing. I have tried to disable my anti-virus software, but to no luck.

Any other ideas you have in mind?

Thank you .

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Defragmentation and Scan Disk cannot be completed


Hi there,

First of all, windows 98 is really old now and no longer supported by any applications. So, it is now hard to find any solution to windows 98 related problems. However, if you cannot complete the defragment it is because the drive is being accessed by some application. You can stop unnecessary applications by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and ending the unnecessary running softwares from the window that opens. Also, if it does not help, you can try third party defragmenting softwares. I will suggest you to use Piriform Defraggler or J K Defraggler. You can download them from the links.

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Defragmentation and Scan Disk cannot be completed


Hi Harold,

Other running programs can cause interruption with the defrag program, so before starting the process close any other programs.

Here are the steps to close the screen saver:

1. Go to your desktop and right-click it.

2. Then click Properties.

3. Select Screen Saver tab.

4. Set Screen Saver as None.

5. Click on OK.

To close other running programs, follow these steps:

1. Make sure other programs are not running, then activate Task Manager by pressing on CTRL-ALT-DEL .

2. Assess the list of programs, you should only keep Explorer and Systray running. To exit other programs, click on the specific program and click End Task.

3. Then repeat process one and two until Explorer and Systray are the only ones left.

Here is another method to be able to defrag successfully.

1. Click on Start > select Run > in the Open box, enter misconfig.

2. Look for the General tab. Select Selective startup and uncheck the items listed below it.

3. Click Apply, then OK for the Windows to restart.

4. Windows will start using basic running so that nothing will hinder the defrag process.

5. When it's ready for misconfig, run defrag, choose Normal startup and restart your computer.

Good luck.

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Defragmentation and Scan Disk cannot be completed


Hi Harold,

Young's solution is spot-on for running the built-in defragmenter in Windows 98 — it is VERY temperamental!

It would be much better if you used a third party defragmenter as those are a lot more robust and don't require you to shut practically everything off but explorer and Systray (not to mention AV and even screen savers). The problem is most third party programs don't support Windows 98.

Fortunately, you can still get Diskeeper Lite, which was a free defrag program put out by Diskeeper that is compatible with Windows XP as well as Win 98 & Win ME.

Here is a link to that program

Download it, install it and run it if you'd rather not go through all the hassle of the built-in.

Good luck!

Bill R TechSpec

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