OLEACC.DLL missing in my computer

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Hey Experts,

My computer is having an issue with some missing documents or files.

Honestly speaking, I am not really sure, if I have accidentally deleted something in it.

I have tried to ask my brother and sister, who are also using the desktop, and they have confirmed that they did not touch anything on the program or settings as well as the files that are not owned by them.

Now, to add some details, I am using a Windows 98 operating system.

Yeah, kind an old, but I have not thought of changing yet.

It prompts me of the missing file, OLEACC. DLL Missing.

I am not sure, if this is located where originally and where to get it.

Please help.


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OLEACC.DLL missing in my computer


You don’t have to worry. A file with the extension of .dll, are the helping files. They help programs to run accordingly. Just click the link : Get my .dll back.

And you will get the file back.

NOTE: dll files are downloaded in the form of Zip format and are located in “System 32” folder. So open “Drive C” then click “windows” folder. There you see “System 32” folder. Extract “OLEACC.DLL” into that folder.

If you do not get “OLEACC.DLL” in Zip format for downloading, don’t worry. Right click on “OLEACC.DLL” file and Zip it using the option “Compressed (zipped) Folder” in “Send to” option.


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