Blue Screen Error in Windows 98

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I've been receiving a blue screen and fatal error 016F:BFF8CC32 whenever I restart my Windows 98 machine. 

This has stopped me from installing Software's and programs that I need, such as Verizon DSL and a printer software. 

I haven't tried anything yet because I might worsen the problem. 

Please help me out on this because I really need to get my machine up and running. 


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Blue Screen Error in Windows 98


There could be multiple reasons why you're getting a blue screen of death on your Windows 98 system. But a quick search on the internet showed that there is a very easy solution to this particular error. You may want to try this out. 

The fatal error 016F:BFF8CC32 can be caused by a disk cache problem. All you need to do is to edit your syste.ini file. To do that, click Start and then Run. Type Sysedit.exe on the Run box. 

Once you have the system.ini file open, change this entry ""min & maxfilecache=32552"" to ""min & maxfilecache=8096"". 

Save the file and reboot. 

Hope that helps!


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