Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Cidaemon Exe Application Error Solved

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Hi all, could someone help me with the following error message related to Microsoft Visual C++ cidaemon exe application error solved? I am posting a screenshot below too.

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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Cidaemon Exe Application Error Solved


Hello. I am listing down the best solutions to solve the issue that you have mentioned, and I hope that it decodes the error. Do as I say:

Option 1:

• Start your PC in Safe mode. In this mode, no external hardware like CD’s, DVD’s or floppy disks is allowed. Hence, you must remove all such devices and restart your PC.

• If you have a single operating system, then press the F8 key before you see the Windows screen while restarting. If that screen passes, you must try again.

• If you have two OS in your PC, you must choose one of the two using the arrow keys and that OS will start in the Safe mode.

• In the Advanced Boot options, by using the arrow keys, choose one of the safe mode options listed and press Enter key.

• The last step is to log into your computer through an account which has administrator rights.

Option 2:

• If you do not experience the above error in the Safe mode, then you must find out the source of the error for which, you must continue with the clean boot option.

• Sign into your PC with administrator rights. Then, click on Start at the bottom left corner of the screen and type msconfig.

• Select System Configuration from the results of the Search. In the window that appears next, you should go to the Services tab and click on Hide All Microsoft Services checkbox. Also, tap on Disable All.

• Now, navigate to the Startup tab>Open Task Manager. The list of all active applications will open. You must click on each of them to disable it. After doing so, close the Task manager.


• Again go to the Startup tab and click on OK and restart your computer.

• Now, try opening the application, and if the error is still persistent, you should uninstall and reinstall the software.

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