Lower PC’s memory usage: msconfig startup list

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Hi! I have a few items to ask about what to uncheck on my msconfig startup list. I want to lower my pc's memory usage because it uses above 1.5gb.

Here are some of the items:

Realtek Audio Manager

Google Update

Java (TM) Platform SE Auto Updater 2 0


Please also tell me what will happen if I will uncheck them. Thank you!

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Lower PC’s memory usage: msconfig startup list


I'm sure you know how to get there. The problem here is that everyone's startup items is different because it varies on hardware/software installed and programs that you run.

First of all you should know what programs are being installed in your pc so by seeing like Google Update and sorts, it doesn't harm the main program.

I usually disable these auto updater after a clean installation and just manually update it from time to time. Most of the reason is like your PC has a low memory and these task eats up your available memory thus slowing your PC down. My advice is to uncheck only the tasks that you are familiar with. You can increase your available memory by increasing the amount of your Virtual Memory but if you are persistent in knowing all in the list check this site.

They have a database as reference.

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