Windows 7 Service Pack Installation Element not found.

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My Microsoft Windows 7 operating system prompted me to update my windows operating system to Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1. I agreed with the prompt, it then takes time to wait until the update was successfully downloaded from Microsoft web site then asked me to restart the computer. I restarted the computer; after restarting and booting my Windows desktop an error message is displayed. See image for more details.

Install Windows Service Pack

Installation was not successful

Element not found.


Error: ERROR_NOT_FOUND(0x80070490)

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Windows 7 Service Pack Installation Element not found.

  • “Element not found” means there is a consistent error to the specific drivers. The missing inf file could be different from your computer. To be able to fix this if the drivers that can't be found in the driver store use the pnputil to load them.
  • This can be done manually on command prompt. Hold window key then press r, then type cmd. This will open the command prompt then execute the following command:
  • pnputil -a [path to inf to load]
  • For the usbvideo.inf error I would enter:
  • pnputil – a
  • C:WindowsWinSxSamd64_usbvideo.inf_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16543_none_8a1a2513d42628c3usbvideo.inf
  • On the process you get a pop up asking you to verify the installation of the driver; click yes; then wait for the confirmation of successful operation.
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Windows 7 Service Pack Installation Element not found.



There are many reasons for it. Here is some option for solving this problem.

Sometime virus can stop this type of installation. In order to solve this problem you have to use the format option for windows installation drive so that it can remove all viruses from your computer. Then try to install windows 7. 

Other option is to use different CD/DVD or pen drive. Because may be the exe file of that software is corrupted or some of the install file are lost. Try to collect full version of windows 7 CD/DVD. Short or edited version does not have all file or document. So full version of windows 7 CD/DVD will not create this type of problem.

If you need more help then go to Microsoft help.

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