Problems on connectivity to network on windows 7.

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I installed MIRC v7.19 to my Windows 7 OS. 

It gives me a hard time connecting to any network, and it is compatible with my OS. I can’t use my command prompt since it always disconnects me.

I already checked the firewall settings and it’s working well. What else should I do?

Please help. 

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Problems on connectivity to network on windows 7.


There are numbers of reason why the Internet connections keep disconnecting. This may caused by the Internet connection itself, modem, cat5 cord, router, rj45 connector, computer hardware, software and the devices surrounded, yes it cause you trouble.

Intermittent connection is sometimes unpredictable but there are ways to solve this issue. First off, do the following steps below;

Check all wires connecting the modem/router/cpe
Rj45 connector must securely connected
Cat5 cord must be in place with no possible cuts on the wire
Modem or router must be located away from Electro-Magnetic devices EMI
Software and must be updated
Hardware must be check for possible hardware failure

Now, after checking all these then you can go next steps. Secondly, it could be the settings. Sometimes, Local Area Connection gets disabled by accident. Check this from time to time, if it changes the settings from "connected/network" status to "limited connection".

Disabled and re-enabled this icon if you are using wired, then do the Local Area connection. But if you're on Wireless, then do the Wireless Connection icon.

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Problems on connectivity to network on windows 7.


Hi Karille,

Please upgrade you MIRC to newer version and check if it resolve. If you are using router and firewall or script blocker those program blocks request to server and disconnects you without a clear exit. I suggest to use another programs like Skype, Yahoo messenger and Msn to minimize this problem on sending and receiving etc .If you install Skype, Yahoo messenger etc. there is no need to manually configure the settings because it automatically run unlike MIRC. Lastly try to check IP if it is set correctly.




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Problems on connectivity to network on windows 7.


Did the problem start right after you installed MIRC v7.19 or has it been happening before and you've only noticed the problem because the chat software is unable to connect to any server and doesn't seem to be online at all?

To make sure you have internet connection, try and open your browser and browse the internet. If it can, try reinstalling your MIRC software and have your firewall allow outgoing and incoming communication from the software. It may just be blocked by your system that's why it can't get any connection at all. If you browser can go online, make sure your computer has an IP address from the network and again, check you firewall to make sure it's not causing the lack of connection on your system.

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