Laptop Gets Way To Hot And Shuts Down

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I have a HP laptop that gets really hot. It is to hot to even sit on your lap. After awhile the whole machine shuts itself down. How can I fix this? Is it a fan issue that I need to replace? Or did some laptops just overheat and become to dangerous to use?

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Laptop Gets Way To Hot And Shuts Down


Hi, Tyrone E Louis there is much reason why your laptop overheats. And it shoots down for the reason that it wants to protect your unit from overheating and may damage some of your hardware.

Reason for over heating 

1. Low on graphic memory when you are low on graphic memory, the processor takes over and creates a virtual memory, this is a temporary memory but it eats a lot of power making spiking your temperature up. 

2. Your running to many application at one time working your unit to hardware. So the temperature goes up.  

3. Malware can be one of the causes some worm, Trojan or spy ware will be the reason to overheat why they are working constantly to override your system. 


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