What is Virtual memory and Ram memory?

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Actually I do not understand what Virtual Memory and RAM Memory are.

How do they work?


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What is Virtual memory and Ram memory?


Hello Khaled,

RAM memory is a corporal device whereas Virtual memory is not. RAM needs to be entered on the CPU i.e. with the machine. There may have some space or memory in page file of Hard disk of Windows. Therefore it can be utilized as RAM. If you contain RAM of not more than 2 GB, then it will be very much helpful. Let me put into details. If the CPU is somehow without RAM, it will operate the option page file for applications.   

As an example, upon running the OS, web browser, email handling, and word processing within RAM instantaneously, then obviously 32 MB will not be sufficient to operate all these in sequence. If there remains no similar system, then your PC might get hanged or face shutdown after full utilization of RAM.

RAM is a resource of edge; again virtual memory is somewhat limitless. In a PC, there can be many processes running at a time; each one of them may have their own approx 2/3 GB personal virtual space with location. When all the processes are in operation simultaneously then the RAM memory may be exceeded, and then the OS shifts pages of one or multiple virtual location spaces to the Hard drive, therefore makes the RAM free for other operations and hence makes the PC faster.

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What is Virtual memory and Ram memory?


The difference between Virtual and RAM memory is that, Virtual Memory is totally based on hard drive and therefore its speed is slow because the speed of the hard drive is much slower, than the speed of RAM.

By increasing the memory of you RAM, you can reduce or totally eliminate the Virtual Memory so your system will run fast, without any error or any problem. The following image will explain about different types of system memories and I hope it will help you.


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What is Virtual memory and Ram memory?


Hi dear,

What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory is actually non-physical memory. People commonly asked this question what is virtual memory, because many people receive an error message in their computers, that they do not have enough virtual memory to complete a task.

This memory is used when our computer does not have enough regular memory. Today we have lot of memory but with the increase of memory size, programs are also increased. When it does this, Windows uses your hard drive to store information that normally would be put into your RAM memory.

RAM is in short for random access memory. Its main job is to process the information within your computer. RAM is what is used to load all of those programs that start up on your computer, each day.


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What is Virtual memory and Ram memory?


Hello Dear,

It is easy to understand the difference between virtual memory and RAM memory. Virtual Memory and RAM Memory do the same thing, but there are differences between them. RAM has a physical body and existence, whereas virtual memory has no physical existence.

Virtual memory needs space from Hard Disk to work. RAM is much faster than Virtual memory. RAM can be used as VGA memory, whereas Virtual memory cannot.

RAM is hundred times better than Virtual memory.

I hope this helps you understand. Thanks.


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