Laptops shutdowns automatically first hangs then switches off itself

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The laptop hangs, keyboard and scroll pad doesn’t work and waits for some time and then I hear a beep sound and it turns off automatically. I do not understand what happening. Assume I am working on MS office in laptop, with no other tasks running in background, all of a sudden first MS office will become blur, kind of indication that it is stuck, then later entire windows stuck. It doesn’t respond for control alt and delete too. Either I have to forcefully shut it down or wait for itself to turn off after a beep. How to resolve this. Laptop gives full performance when it is running. Isn’t that the good hope?

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Laptops shutdowns automatically first hangs then switches off itself


Your laptop is getting hanged due to the maximum usage of your RAM. You may be using as software in your system, but in background there are a lot of processes going on. You can check your RAM usage in “TASK MANAGER”

1. Right click on TASKBAR.


3. Go to PERFORMANCE tab.

4. Here you can see your CPU usage and physical memory (RAM).

5. If physical memory is more than 85%, the chances for hanging of system are more.

Solution 1: Upgrade your installed RAM to higher Size.

Solution 2: Stop back ground unwanted processes. Click on Resource Monitor, Select MEMORY for seeing the RAM usage.

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