Less Battery Back-up on my laptop

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My Laptop battery does not meet the expected life. I have purchased a Laptop 10 months ago. My laptop came along with a 6 cell battery, which initially gave me approximately two and half – 3 hours back up time, as promised by the Manufacturer. It has now started giving me about 1 hour back up time.

The battery icon shows 80% – 85% charged and 2-3 hour backup time. But in reality it hardly gives me about 1 hour back up. Please provide me any solution. My system is still under warranty but the manufacturer refused, battery replacement stating it’s a consumable commodity and does not get covered under warranty.
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Less Battery Back-up on my laptop



Since the laptop is under warranty, the manufacturer should ideally replace the battery. Some laptop manufacturers have a software which is required to be installed on your laptop, to increase or get the actual backup. The software if available should be installed.
If no such software is being provided by them, then you will have to do a complete discharge of the battery a few times. The process is to fully charge the battery, remove the power supply and use it on battery till it is discharged completely. Recharge it to 100 % and do it over four to five times. If you get the expected results your battery is usable.
The last option is to consider a replacement.
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Less Battery Back-up on my laptop


You can use different software’s to maintain your battery life. One such program is “Battery Care”. It is free and easy to install. You can easily search this on the net and can implement it. This software checks whether the laptop is taking low power or operating on high powers, thus it also maintains the battery life.

Temperature does matter in a battery life. See that you are not using your laptop on a very high temperature. It will damage the battery life. You can also take these steps to boost battery life:

  • First of all reduce the brightness of your laptop screen. It will consume less power.
  • Secondly detach all such devices that are not in use during working on laptop battery.
  • Disconnect all such network devices that are not in use.

There are two types of batteries and they work on their conditions, types are:

  • NiMH batteries: it works 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
  • LiION batteries: works from 2.0 to 3.0 hours.

So check your battery type also.

If the problem still remains, then dear you have to change your battery.

Umro Stefen.

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