Issues in opening MS Outlook

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When I open Microsoft outlook, an error message displays in different approaches like an Alert, or Information & Error.

not implemented

Microsoft Office Outlook

Not implemented.


I have tried to create a new profile which was not functioning from Mail icon. I then used "Outlook /profiles" and it was able in creating a profile. But again it showed me another error message when I explored that profile.

Email error


There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.


I made some changes in the data file setup and Account settings and tried trial and error. But nothing happened when I clicked on profile properties. The following error message gave more sense.

Operation failed

Microsoft Office Outlook

The operation failed because of registry or installation problem. Restart Outlook and try again. If the problem persists, reinstall.


As shown in the image, I presume there are a few Registry corruption. I have tried to delete the applications made but it is not accessible.

So far again I installed all but there was no change. I thought it was not implemented. I don’t know what it’ means. How do I resolve this problem?


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Issues in opening MS Outlook


You can do the following to solve the issue:

1. Try to repair Outlook from Office Diagnostics in help menu on outlook 2007 window. If this can't solve the problem then apply the below:

2. Complete uninstall the Microsoft Office package from Add/Remove program in Windows XP or Program and Feathers from Windows 7.

3. Restart the Computer.

4. Reinstall the Microsoft Office package and restart the PC again.

5. Create E-mail account profile in Microsoft Outlook.

Hope this will solve the issue.

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Issues in opening MS Outlook


Hi Priscilla,

If your email profile is damaged then there are chances that this kind of error occurs. You need to change your email profile with Outlook.

Please follow these steps to do it –

1. Start,

2. Control Panel,

3. Switch to Classic View,

4. Click Mail icon,

5. In the mail setup dialog box, click “Show Profiles” (See picture below),

6. On the General tab, select this check box – “Prompt for a profile to be used”,

7. Click Add,

8. Type a profile name and click ok,

9. In the email account box, click “Add a new email account” and click next,

10. Select the appropriate server type, click next,

11. Fill the residual information,

12. Click next and then finish.

I am sure you will not get error next time you open your Outlook.

Mail Setup Outlook

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