Internet Download Manager error: unsearchable host

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Hello, guys!

Can you tell me what this error message means:
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The requested server name is valid, but it does not have the correct associated data being resolved for (The host itself exists, but is not directly reachable).
Find below possible reasons for this error:
1. The Internet Connection not found. Please check your Internet Connection.
2. You have a firewall application on your computer, and you have just installed, replaced or updated your current version of Internet Download Manager. Please check your firewall settings and ensure that IDM has permits to access the Internet.
3. A service that finds servers in the Internet called Domain Name Service (DNS) has temporary problems, or the network connection between DNS and your computer gets broken. It's possible that you need to reboot your computer.
Details: Cannot find server
Although I have checked and tried various download versions from IDM but I am still facing this error. Please tell me, how do I tackle this problem?
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Internet Download Manager error: unsearchable host



I have solutions for the problem that you are having and please take note on what is the error is saying:
1. Please check if you have internet connection.
2. Check your windows firewall and Antivirus if they block the program from accessing to the internet unblock the program or if the program is already allowed try to remove it on the allow and then add it again and then restart your computer.
3. Try downloading other programs or files the source file might be the problem and please check if you have a stable connection try this by go to Start > Run > Type cmd > Enter > Type on the command prompt "ping" or ping "any site you want" then check if you get "request time out in a 3 to 10 simultaneously" 

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