How can I create back links??

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I am interested in SEO.

I want to know that how can I make back links?

Do I need any software for it?

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How can I create back links??


Hello,yes there are paid software's that generate backlinks for sure but there is much more risk attached with them.If google you will find a couple of them but I strongly advice that you create backlinks manually following the steps I will give you and I am sure that SEO will work well for you.Creating backlinks is not that difficult and you can create them by commenting on blogs and leaving your URL in the comment fields. You may also want to get into forums and post there, where you leave your links in the signature portion.You can as well use social media such as your Facebook page, Twitter or even the Better Networker page!

Now let’s get on to the nitty gritties of how to create backlinks to your website…I presume.

1. Have backlinks from a range of sources. It is absolutely  important that you have a variety of sources which your backlinks originate from,meaning creating backlinks from videos, audio, PDF, PowerPoint presentations etc. All you need to do is repurpose and repackage your content and post them to all the different areas online and point them back to your website. This will not only allow your article to be noticed by more people, it will also help you to get more visitors and in turn, more leads for your network marketing business.

2. Get backlinks from sites that have higher Page Ranks (PR). If you are unsure on how to check the PR for a certain website, you may wish to download this free plugin for Firefox, which will show you the PR every time you land on a page. This plugin will also provide you with many other benefits, so make sure you check out their page.

3. Get backlinks from .edu and .gov sites.These sites are seen as of high priority in Google. For instance, assume that two websites have the same page rank but one is a .com and the other is either a .edu site or a .gov site,Google will most likely place more importance for a Backlink from such sites as compared to a .com. You can get such links by either looking for pages like that, or you may want to go to and pay for that service to be done for you.

4. Spy on your competition. If you want to know how to create backlinks to your website, you need to be able to spy on your competition. Find out what sites your competition are getting backlinks from and create backlinks from those pages too and can always search for spying sites if need be and just type in the exact URL of the site you want to spy on and you will find out which sites your competition are getting links from.

5. Backlink sites that link to you. It will create a Backlink pyramid for you and your sites and it is a technique which will help your primary backlinks become more “important” and this in turn, will give your site more links when they point to your website and in turn getting you an opportunity for your primary backlinks to get ranked on Google.

I really hope this helps when you get started on SEO.Thanks

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How can I create back links??


Hello anonymous inquirer, these are some ways and solutions of your problem involving how can u make or create backlinks.

First of all you need to gather data or keywords regarding to your article or site content for backlinks, using software may also help you to assist in creating backlinks like "Backlink Builder Tool", to gather information of sites to post with in order to get or acquire quality backlinks. After the Backlink builder tool provided you list of sites, this is now next step to visit those provided sites and post your site content with your backlinks provided.

Also aim to be listed to social bookmarking sites like Yahoo, Digg, Technorati, DMOZ and many more helps you get quality back links but disadvantage is, it takes time and effort in writing articles on directories cause it needs a careful authoring and ideas.

Writing and posting to forums and blogs

As search engines index forums and blogs, Writing and posting to forums and blogs are great ways to create backlinks for a short period of time cause it post are not longer and less headaches to write compared to articles to directories. The downside to this technique is that some webmaster disables their sites on indexing by search engines and some administrators may edit or remove your post if found out not related to their TOS or site policy.

Watch out for bribing of links or involving to link exchange.

Most of us find easy ways to have rank over search engines yet should avoid pitfalls and wrong practices that lead to such risk and get banned from search engines. Bribing of links and involving to link exchange must be avoided due to facts that we do not know if the link exchangers provide good and quality backlinks or provide you with link farms. Getting thousands of links in a short period of time would look questionable and doubtful to search engines.

Most of all one of the best step is be competitive as a spy. 


Taking a peak to your competitor helps you to look and gather further more for information on where he gets such quality backlinks. Then you might question how?

This can be done by using another software called backlinks tool to pick out and filter your competitor’s backlinks. For more information on Backlinks tool have it type and search on Google.


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