Informix .Net provider null values on execution on IFXDataReader

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I have faced a strange problem and I cannot solve it. I have an application and I have made a setup of the Informix .NET provider.

– When I run my Application with F5 in debug mode, everything works fine, but the same application with the same unchanged mode and on the same machine does not work on IIS7.

– When I run it on IIS7, the connection to the database opens fine, and after executing the IFXDataReader I receive a null value, already the same code, same machine, and same databases! What is the reason behind this?

Thanks in advance.

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Informix .Net provider null values on execution on IFXDataReader


The issue you are mentioning appears to be an ASP.Net issue that is caused by a credential or configuration problem. You can check your connection string for incorrect username and/or password. Also try to attach the IIS process and check your connection or reader and ensure that it is connecting to the proper credential.

Also try to check if you are using multiple ports for your connection. It is possible that you start on one port and return the result on another port. You can also try to run on debug mode and on IIS7 while checking on the configuration. If Informix Dynamic Server is used, using the database admin, turn on SQLEXPLAIN for the session that is running ASP.Net.

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