Error: Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision

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During execution of my procedure, I have faced this error (Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision). I could not trace down the error to the exact location. Also the compiler does not tell me the line number or anything that helps me trace the error.

Can anyone help me locate the problem to solve this error? Thanks.

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Error: Value exceeds limit of SMALLINT precision



The Exception is thrown when you attempt to insert a large number into SMALLINT column. The SMALLINT data type stores small whole numbers that range from –32,767 to 32,767. You might be trying to insert or update a field beyond those values that's why you are getting the error message.

You can try any of the following solutions:

  1. Change the logic of your program to find where you're doing the insert or update and correct it.
  2. Or if you really need to insert or update to a larger value, you can try to redefine the column or variable to use INTEGER or DECIMAL type.

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