Give me an overview about focusing area of Informix

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What is the development language used to develop this database? Is it RDBMS type? Is it supported data warehouse workloads? Where its data types are different from SQL? What is the code name of it during development? Is it supported MongoDB? Is it supported largest enterprise applications? What is Informix Warehouse Accelerator included in its new version and how does it work? Describe about “workload optimized systems”. How does Informix C-ISAM perform? What can I do with International Informix Users Group (IIUG)? Thank You

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Give me an overview about focusing area of Informix



                   The Informix database has passed through facility Informix SQL database statement. The database connects statement parameter Informix SQL database environment must properly in order to execute correctly.                

                   The environment has required remote processing. For explanation name, path specifications, information documentation.

                   The warehouse accelerator reduces administrator. There only a few configuration parameters need to set to tune query performance.

                   You can Informix acceleration same database server, install warehouse accelerator on separate computers.

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