ICQ warning message : version is getting outdated

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Hello experts,

I am getting the ICQ warning message which says the version is getting old. When I started it gives me the same message every time. I downloaded the latest version from the official site but still received the same error message. I heard about you experts so I think you can resolve this matter.

Help me thanks.

The server sent warning, this version is getting old. Try to look for a new one.

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ICQ warning message : version is getting outdated



    The version is getting too old message is not caused because there is some problem on your end, this can be caused because of the poor programming or poor maintenance of the owner company.

One of the reasons can be that the program was written in such a way that it counts the number of days since updated.
The company initially thought that an update would be produced for example after every 15 days.
But later they could not introduce the update for downloading.

As the software thinks that the new update should be released by now it starts the warning message.
This would be very helpful if they issued the update so that the user realizes and installs the update on time but when the company is not issuing the update this can be very annoying.

Hope you understood that message and the reason that is causing it.

Solution can be to wait for the company to issue an update and then updating your software!

Hope you got your answer! đŸ™‚

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