Nero CD DVD Speed Error

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Hello Guys.

I’ve got this error when burned disks. First 3 disks burned successfully with speed of 3.6. But after that I burned again 3 more disks but got this error in the middle of the process. Is it error about CVT files? How can I do it successful?


Nero CD-DVD Speed




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Nero CD DVD Speed Error


The culprit here could be the Nero application that you are using. It could have been corrupt or is missing some important components that are needed for the burning process to take place. What I will suggest that you do is try uninstalling the Nero DVD burner and then install it again. That should help fix any bugs that may have arisen in the application.

Some other possible causes for the problem could maybe you are using an obscure DLL, SYS, DRV or VXD file, which may also be having a different time stamp. So may just check that, and the use a program that fixes registry problems like CCleaner to fix them in case they are there.


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Nero CD DVD Speed Error


It seems the problem there is with the speed though you were able to previously successfully burn three discs. If you use Nero burning software to burn those discs and you set the burning speed to 3.6, try burning a disc again but this time, don’t set any speed. If there’s an “Auto” among the options for the speed, try selecting it and see what happens.

If this option is not available, set the speed to full or the maximum speed available then see what happens. If a similar error occurred, this is the time to lower down the speed and try burning again. When burning CDs and DVDs, you only set the speed most of the time, when the burner encounters a problem burning a media.

Setting the speed to a lower value is intended for troubleshooting, most of the time. This is likely to happen when you have an old burner. Also, try using ImgBurn to burn CDs and DVDs including Blu-ray.

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