I set up a password for my computer

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I set up a password for my computer.

When I want to open my computer than the computer wants password But I have forgotten it.

In this situation I want to solve this problem .

How can I solve this problem ? 

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I set up a password for my computer


Try the following solutions:

1. If your computer is on domain, the administrator can reset the password.

2. If you are running the Microsoft account, you can reset your password from the link below:


3. If you are running a local account, you can use the password hint on the log on screen.

4. Use a password reset disk if you have one.

5. Use a password recovery tool such as Windows Password Recovery Tool.

6. If none works, perform a clean install. Use your installation or recovery disk to fix the issue.

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I set up a password for my computer



Microsoft recommends two methods for recovering a lost Windows XP Administrator Password. One is to use another administrator account on the same computer to reset your account password and another is to use a password reset disk.

Use another Administrator password:

1. Log in to the second Administrator account.

2. Type in the Administrator password of the account that you have logged in when prompted.

3. Open the Run command window and type control user password 2 and click OK.

4. Choose “Users” tab and choose the account that you need to reset the password from the list, and click “Reset Password”.

5. Type and confirm the new password and click OK.

6. Restart the computer and try to login using the new password.

If you have a Windows Password Reset Disc:

  1. Enter the Username in the logon screen and press Enter.
  2. Choose the Use your Password Reset disk option.
  3. Follow the instructions in the Password Reset Wizard and put the Password Reset Disc in the drive
  4. Type in and confirm the new password when prompted.
  5. Click finish and try logging into the computer using the new password.

Note: You can use the same password recovery disc any number of times to reset the password. However you will not be able to use the disc created for one computer on any other computer.

Re-install Windows XP:

If nothing of the above options worked, the last option is to re-install Windows XP on the computer. You may visit the following web link for information regarding re-installing Windows XP on the computer:


Hope the issue will be resolved soon.


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I set up a password for my computer


Did you check if you have entered your password correctly?

Or you might enter it while the caps lock is on. Ensure that you also entered a correct password. And for another option, you can also hold the Ctrl+Alt and then press the Del twice to remove the password.

You will see the dialog box, just type Administrator on the username text field. It will run your computer as the Administrator and then click Start > Control Panel > User Account and then remove the password on your account.


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