Failed to download Windows XP Service Pack 3

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I have some problems with updating my windows XP with service pack 3.

I tried to update myself three times, but no luck.

Also I have asked my boyfriend to try to update, but the same issue.

Tried to download again the file from Microsoft site, but got error again.

You do not have permission to update Windows XP.

Please contact your system administrator.

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Failed to download Windows XP Service Pack 3



Did you check the windows installer of your computer?

It may have been outdated and also this may happens when the windows installer get corrupted.

When you are handling these sorts of problems you have to be very careful since if something happens to the registry settings you might not be able to resolve it again.

But as a try you can follow below instructions,

Go to the Administrative Tools on your computer and there you have option call Services.

Then select the Windows Installer option. And select Manual. Again go to start and select Run option. There type regedit.

And delete only the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesMSIServer”

Now restart your computer. And download Windows Installer 2.0.2660.2 version and install it.

After the process try to install service pack 3 of the Windows Installer 

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Failed to download Windows XP Service Pack 3


Before installing Service Pack 3, you should first check if the system is ready to accept this installation or not as sometimes product’s installation does not depend only on the product efficiency. But, it may depend on some other software.

For example: some installation is not compatible with antivirus software.

And other needs specific software to be already installed before applying the required software. Also, you have to check the version computability with the hardware either it is designed to accept 32 bit or 64 bit.  

There are some agreed steps from Microsoft that ensure that the Service Pack 3 installation will run normally.

Here are the mentioned steps try to follow thin link:

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Diaa Asfour

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Failed to download Windows XP Service Pack 3



Such errors arise if permissions for registry keys are limited in a manner that bars the service pack from updating the keys.

Registry keys may be restricted by programs that alter the System Access Control Lists (SACL) in the registry thus preventing administrator accounts from changing them.

The following methods may solve the problem:

1. Restart the computer then download and install XP SP3 from Microsoft Download Center rather than updating.

2. If first method did not work, restart the computer and disable the anti-virus software. This method will however expose your computer to malicious attacks, and so you are strongly advised against downloading files or visiting other websites during this period. Now install the full Windows XP SP3 packaged you had downloaded in method 1. Remember to enable the anti-virus software once the installation is successful.

3. If method 2 did not work, you may have to reset the registry and file permissions. Please note that this is an advanced step. It is advisable to let the Microsoft Support Team do it for you.


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Failed to download Windows XP Service Pack 3


Hello, Follow the instructions in the link that has been given:–you-receive-the-error there are certain other things that you need to keep in mind before doing any further installation on your system. these are few minor things that we most of the time ignore but if followed carefully it might save a lot of time.

Before the installation of WinXP SP3, read all of its prerequisites carefully:

Afterwards, for the successful installation of Windows XP Service Pack 3 there are a few steps that you need to take:

Release Notes for Windows XP Service Pack 3 After you have followed all your instructions carefuly, the installation of windows on your system should be completed successfully.

For more details and help:


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