Software not working properly and no permission to access disk drives

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I am using Windows XP(SP3).I set upped this operating system 8-10 times last month. Everyone told me to buy antivirus. I bought Kaspersky Internet Security genuine license and installed it after reset the windows. Kaspersky has vanished more than 3,000 virus from my PC.

But problem is still there. All the running programs being stopped after every 15 minutes. I can not open the local disk drives(C,D,E….)It tells me "I don't have permission" to open this folder.

Mozilla Firefox,Google chrome and modem close suddenly without any command. Kaspersky Internet security does not work.

New software don't take installation.

Now I can't understand how to solve this problem. If anyone help me I will be grateful to you.

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Software not working properly and no permission to access disk drives



Thanks for your question. The problem you’re facing with your computer and the software’s not working properly is somehow interrelated with each other. I have faced the same sort of problem with my computer. Here I’m giving out some possible solution to help you out.
1. As you said you’re using service pack 3 and you have updated it previously, I think all the software of your computer are not licensed software and some of them are licensed so update might not be done properly for all the software’s. Some of them are updated and some are not. That does can be the reasons why software’s are not working.
  • So uninstalling them and reinstalling the software can be helpful.
2. The antivirus you’re using, as you mentioned Kaspersky Internet Security. In my case it happed that Virus affected the entire system file of my software’s and as a result when I scanned the pc with kaspersky, it also deleted my software’s system files. That’s why the software’s didn’t work properly. 
  • So try not to scan after the installation of your favorite software.(if it's not licensed)
3. I would suggest you to reboot your computer with an original version of windows. And try not to update that OS. Because something’s the update doesn’t works properly.
4. Install kaspersky after the setup. Then scan the whole computer without installing other software’s. It will make kaspersky to detect and delete virus without affecting system files of your desired software’s.
5. As you mentioned you’re having problem at the time of browsing net. I would suggest you to use “C-Cleaner” software to clean your entire temporary file from the directory. It will make brewers more flexible to use.
6. I would suggest you to use Opera,11 for browsing sites. Opera is one of the best browsers at net now. Chrome crashes frequently and Firefox is little bit heavy so choose the best one.
Have a nice day.
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Software not working properly and no permission to access disk drives



Kaspersky has a lot of different versions of a product, but some of their product is very harmful to the system and not user friendly.

I'm not saying that Kaspersky is bad, I also used Kaspersky antivirus, and it really protects my computer for any virus, bugs, and even malware attacks.

But in your side, I think the version or the product you purchase has controlling all your running programs, If you run a scan already then it has a possibility that it detect a malicious bug that make your running program don’t work as it used to be, try to explore your antivirus, look for the firewall search for your program that already been under the control of the internet security, just change the setting to allow to use.

If you don’t know how to explore your antivirus, uninstall it to your system and try the Kaspersky antivirus, just download the trial version for your testing before purchasing it. Here is the link:

Good luck.

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