I have ‘DBX’ files to be converted to ‘PST’ files

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I have backed up my mails from Outlook Express. Those mails contain my 4 years data and it is stored as ‘DBX’ file.

I am looking for help to convert these files to ‘PST’ files.

So, I can see those mails to present version of Outlook if I need. I don’t want to import those files to the present Outlook as it will increase the file size and I don’t want to combine the mails.

Please, somebody to help me convert Outlook Express ‘DBX’ file to Outlook 2000 ‘PST’ files. 

If anybody knows the solution to solving this, please help me.

I will be thankful for all your help.

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I have ‘DBX’ files to be converted to ‘PST’ files


Hi there,

There are a number of different converters that can help you with this matter, for example you can use Converter software from here: http://www.dbxconverter.com/.

This software can help you convert Outlook email files into different file extensions, for example: DBX to EML – extension for single Outlook Express email file; DBX to MSG – extension for single MS Outlook email file and DBX to RTF – extension for Rich Text Format.

This software can also help you repair damaged DBX files. You can easily convert Outlook Express to Outlook without loosing any crucial email data. Those data will be saved in Outlook PST files if you convert DBX to PST. This will also save you the money, as you won't need to buy a new email client, as Microsoft Outlook is present in almost every Microsoft Windows system.

If you are having trouble downloading the software from the upper link, you can use these ones.




There are several more Software's you could use and download, all you have to do is Google it and I'm sure it will be helpful.

Have a nice day.

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I have ‘DBX’ files to be converted to ‘PST’ files


Hi Hirokim

Yes first thing to do is backup your "DBX" file from the Outlook express so that if ever theres a problem you can easily restore your backup. If you want to convert your DBX file to PST file much better you use MS Outlook 2003 its easy to use and theres no problem when doing this converted task. This are the steps.

Step 1: Input your email account from the MS outlook 2003, please click this Link as a sample on how to setup your email account. 


Step 2: Imports all you address and emails to your new MS Outlook accounts, please click this Link as a sample on how to Imports all you address and emails.


Step 3: If you finished importing all address and emails, just restart the Ms Outlook 2003, restart your PC, after you restart your PC, just click to open the MS Outlook 2003 to see if you are successful for converting the DBX file to PST file. If the MS Outlook 2003 Open and No problem you successfully Converted it. That all.

Hope that i can help you regarding this matter.

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I have ‘DBX’ files to be converted to ‘PST’ files


Thanks guys for the help.

It definitely works, I can access my file to the new version of the Outlook Express.

Thank you also to the Techyv team. 

You guys is such a helper.

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