I can’t connect over LAN with other pc

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I can’t connect over LAN with other pc.

Yesterday It was working fine.

But today when I try to connect with another pc on the same network, my computer says your LAN driver encounter a problem,

I reinstalled the driver.

But no changes same Error message every time I try establish a connection. What’s the solution for it?

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I can’t connect over LAN with other pc


Start resolving your problem by simply troubleshooting your network.

It will help you to identify and diagnose your connection much further.

You can  try to troubleshoot your computer by going to the “Network tab” and right click it then press “Troubleshoot Problems”

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I can’t connect over LAN with other pc


Your LAN device or the LAN card adapter might have damaged.

Check the LAN card for possible errors. If it is possible, try to replace the LAN card just to for isolation of the problem.

If the replacement LAN card works fine, you should replace your LAN card with a new one.

But if after checking or inserting a new LAN card for testing, still you can’t connect to your LAN, the problem might be your operating system or the driver.

Reinstallation of the driver requires removal of the previous driver installed before installing a new driver to avoid conflicts. Sometimes automatic updates of the windows destroy our drivers.

You must turn-off the automatic updates to prevent auto-updating your drivers.


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I can’t connect over LAN with other pc


Dear Jessica,

According to you, you connect the LAN with other pc, do you mean it literally? Well, if you do that, there would be a great problem that you will be facing because LAN is not easy to connect. Actually, I'm also using LAN and I also connect it to other pc, but I encountered problem and now, I know what's the problem.

When you connect your LAN to other pc, it only means that you need to install it again, and the installation is not that easy, that if you will do it by yourself you will really find it very difficult. And since you are asking for a help. you can try these steps:

1. Go to the icons below the right side of your desktop or user interface

2. Then click the Network and sharing system

3. Click the local Area Connection

4. Click properties

5. Check all the boxes, then install

6. After installing, click ok

Then you can try to used your internet connection

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