Scratch so deep DVD eraser caused

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Techyv! I got a problem on my DVD eraser. It got my disk a scratch and it is deep DVD eraser has made. Can anyone help me on how to fix this problem? Thanks.

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Scratch so deep DVD eraser caused


Hello Kurt,

I think you are very worried about the DVD. Just relax. You can easily fix it. It may be helpful for you if we go step by step:

  • Just hold the DVD in bright light and figure out if there are any holes or not. If there are any holes then I’m afraid nothing can be done.

On the other hand, try these steps below:

  • Mark the scratched area with a marker.
  • With two small strips of masking tape cover the marked area. 
  • Play the DVD again.
  • The DVD may create little sound but don’t worry it is almost ok now.
  • Make a fresh copy.
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Scratch so deep DVD eraser caused



Hello Kurt Baclig,

A disk scratch that is deep can be fixed using a bottle of BRASSO metal polish. With the scratch side of the up on top of an old clothing, pour some BRASSO on paper towel and rub it in the scratches using a pressured circular motion. Wipe off the disc with soft toilet paper after about three minutes. The disc is now polished. The process can be repeated if necessary.

A number two eraser can also be used to repair the scratch. You should erase the affected area and wipe off with lint free clothing. Again, this process can be repeated if the scratch is deep.

Thank you.





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