Model Number of the Battery Cannot be Determined

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I had bought a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptop almost one year ago. Recently, I noticed most of the time when I started my laptop, the error message describing that the battery it uses is not a recognizable battery.

I removed the battery, cleaned it and attached it again. When I started the laptop for the second time, another error had occurred saying “The model number for the primary battery cannot be determined. This will prevent any battery present from charging. Please insert a Lenovo battery for best system operation.” Actually, when I am in home, I am not using the battery.

I am directly connecting my laptop to AC cord. Most of the time, I am using the battery only when I travel. Does this situation affect the lifespan of the battery?

Please enlighten me.

Thanks for your comments and recommendations.

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Model Number of the Battery Cannot be Determined


Hi there Moris

First of all it is recommended that you never leave the battery without use for a long time since the battery cells without charging will get damaged.

I would suggest you to download and run Lenovo Vantage Toolbox. I presume the toolbox might be able to determine the exact problem. Alternatively you might go to and use their forums to find out if other users of your model of laptop are having similar issues. In either case you should contact their support team for best results.

Since you have mentioned in your posting that the laptop was purchased less than one year ago, I presume you still have warranty. I would recommend you to go for that warranty and claim without delay. It will defiantly solve your problem.


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Model Number of the Battery Cannot be Determined


Computer has it's original battery installed during the manufacturer purchased. This ensure the authenticity of the product they sell along with other components needed like tags, CD drivers, welcome kit and other signature reference owned by the manufacturer.

Once authenticity is in question, upon the installation or in the latter part detects not right and compatible the product, a warning message will pop-up. This error "The model number for the primary battery cannot be determined" is caused by copied and not authentic better installed.

A year old computer has plenty of room for potential error, upgrade and replacement. To add to that, hardware not functioning and software and driver are corrupted.

If better is not Original Equipment Manufacturer, a driver is needed to make it compatible for the specific devices. In this case, battery is not an OEM made then, this needed a chip or driver to make it work.

This chip installed in to the device might have been misplaced or damaged causing this battery not being detected by your computer.

A good replacement is the best solution that is Originally Manufactured Equipment to ensure quality and it's functionality.

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