How To Solve System Out Of Memory Error In Windows.

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Hi everyone,

I want to know how to fix system out of memory error. I was working on my system yesterday, and I got this error while downloading a file. I am working on windows 7 and need steps to know how to fix this problem.

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How To Solve System Out Of Memory Error In Windows.


Well, this problem occurs if you are running more than the programs your RAM and virtual memory is designed to or when a program doesn’t free the space when it’s no longer in use.

So first try to run less number of programs at a time.

In task manager, you can easily see which program is taking how much space.

Solution to this problem would be more paging on the virtual memory. For this, you need follow the steps.

Step1. Open my computer and right click and select properties.

Step2. Choose advanced system settings.

Step3. A dialog box will appear. Choose settings, under performance panel.

Step4. Another dialog box will appear.

Click on the advanced tab.

Step5. The First check for the automatic manage paging file size, if it not checked tick it, and if it is checked then uncheck it and go for the custom size option.

Perform the changes so that you can create more paging in your virtual memory

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How To Solve System Out Of Memory Error In Windows.


If you receive that message on your computer while doing something, try increasing the virtual memory. It should alleviate the problem. To increase the size of your virtual memory, right-click “My Computer” then select “Properties.” Next, select “Advanced” tab then click “Settings” under “Performance” section. Next, select “Advanced” tab then click “Change” under “Virtual memory” section at the bottom.

Access virtual memory

After this, select “Custom size” then enter the “Initial size” and “Maximum size” values without the comma. The value is in megabytes or MB. Entering 1000 is equivalent to 1000 MB or 1 GB. Entering the same value in both fields will make the page file in a fixed size and lessens defragmentation in your system drive.

The ideal size according to the old rule is 1.5x or 2x the size of your physical RAM. So, if you have like 2 GB RAM, you can have like without quotes “3000” or “4000”. But you don’t need to follow this. You can adjust this according to your system’s needs. Next, select drive “C” on the list then click “Set” when you are done.

Set virtual memory size

Click “OK” then restart the computer when you are prompted. If you still receive “system out of memory,” increase the size further. If you want a total fix, upgrade the memory of your computer by adding more RAM. For more info about the page file or virtual memory, visit Ideal Page File Size.

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