How to speed up my slow computer of almost a year?

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My ASUS X550CA-DB31 computer of almost a year has been acting slow which I’m sure shouldn’t be the case because I have always religiously run my antivirus which is the ESETNOD32 and its not pretty old for me. In the first place, how can I check or test my speed? What websites can I access to do this? Any tips that I can do to boost it up. Although my antivirus says 0 viruses, could I still check it somewhere? 

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How to speed up my slow computer of almost a year?


Your system may be slow due to the following reasons

Solution 1:

Outdated antivirus software, which you can resolve by updating your software or purchase a new one. Or simply first you can download a free version of any antivirus and scan for viruses.

Solution 2:

1. You can also check whether there are any unwanted startup and background applications running. For this you type msconfig.exe in start > search for program> msconfig.exe.

2. System configuration will open up. In that go to "startup" tab.

3. Deselect all unwanted programs.

4. Restart the system.

Solution 3:

1. Clean your "Temp" Folder.

2. For that in start type %temp%.

3. Temp folder will open up and delete all files inside it.

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How to speed up my slow computer of almost a year?


If your computer is slow, you can’t find a website that can check the processing speed of a computer. You can check the speed of your internet connection with and see how fast you can download and upload files but that’s with your computer’s internet connection. It is different from the actual processing speed of your machine.

To improve the performance of your machine, create a schedule of weekly maintenance like for example every Saturday or Sunday, maybe. Then every maintenance day, run some tools to clean the system. Like use CCleaner to clean your system from unwanted or junk files. You can download the free version. Next, you can use PC Tools Performance Toolkit to optimize the system’s performance.

Once PC Tools is installed, you can use different tools to optimize the system. In “Privacy” tab, you can run “Clear Your Windows History”, “Clear Your Browsing History”, and “Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces” to clean your system. In “Performance” tab, you can run “Clean Your Registry” and “Compact Your Registry” to clean and compact your Windows registry.

Lastly, you can run “Defragment Disks” to defrag your system drive and other drives on your computer.

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