Laptop – printer connection problem

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I have a problem with my laptop as I tried to connect it with my printer. 

I already installed the driver for the printer but my laptop cannot detect the printer which is already connected. 

To isolate the problem, I connect my printer to my sister's laptop and I was able to get the printer working. 

I am not sure what is the problem with my laptop and I really hope you can help me.

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Laptop – printer connection problem


 Good thing that you have isolated the problem, connecting the printer to a different computer. When doing this and it works fine when you try to print using different laptop the we can assume that there's nothing wrong with that device.

A possible problem with this is the driver not compatible with the laptop you have installed on your computer.

What's the OS version you are using, is it the same on the other laptop that work's fine?

Some printer won't work if you ave using the newer model while your OS uses older version. If you uses the same OS, driver is installed but still can't detect the printer then it could be the connection between printer and your's.

It could be the connector itself on your laptop is the possible problem. When you connect the wire unto the side, it matches but somehow the printer is not being recognized by your computer. Try to wiggle the wire and make sure it's tightly secured. Use different cord if possible to isolate the situation.

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Laptop – printer connection problem


What kind of connector are you using for the printer?

Are you using the old parallel port connectors? If so and if the printer works in another computer, the problem may be with the computer’s printer port. If it is a USB printer though, try using a different USB port and see if it is able to work there. If it does then that specific USB port where it did not work is faulty and you may need to have your motherboard replaced.

If it does not work in any of the USB ports, still the motherboard may need replacement or you can try reinstalling the operating system.

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