Cannot put notebook into hibernate mode

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I have a notebook but now it has a weird behavior because if I hibernate it so more than 6 hours and when I turn it on again I get the error below.

Error message:

Error: Cannot connect to the server

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Cannot put notebook into hibernate mode


I think you have a program that continuously connects to the internet even if the computer is idle or in a hibernate state. If this is true then you should expect this to happen. Since you did not mention what program VKontakte is associated with, just find it in your installed applications.

Once found, modify its settings and disable it from connecting to the internet when not in use. It is also possible you are getting this error because the program associated with VKontakte is still running before you hibernate your computer. So next time you think of hibernating your machine, make sure the program associated with VKontakte is not running especially in the background of the system.

For your information, when your computer is in hibernate, it saves whatever it has in the memory to your hard drive and then shuts down after that. When it comes out of hibernation, it goes back to its previous state. This means when you are running several programs simultaneously and then you hibernate your computer without closing all programs, when it comes back from hibernation you will still see all these programs running.

So that’s the reason why you are getting that error. Next time before you hibernate your computer, make sure to close VKontakte first.

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