CPU spike then crash. Win7 Dell Laptop 6400

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Hi, IT support just re imaged my laptop but problem persists. Every day I have a CPU spike around 3pm.

Nothing is running that I can see. Spike renders my taskmanager not able to come up and entire session goes kaput on the wireless connection.

I hard boot and restart in dock station/LAN connect. All is well. What might be the problem?

Any ideas would be helpful since now with re image I have time to re install everything these baboons thought the reimage would fix.

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CPU spike then crash. Win7 Dell Laptop 6400


Hello Dear,

Check the hardware of your laptop especially the RAM and BIOS settings. Maybe that is causing some kind of trouble or any hurdle to run any program. Sometimes when RAM has a big load, it prevents the running of other programs.

So try to fix it.

Secondly check that which operating system you are using. Is it registered or not?

Try to update the previous or the best thing is that uninstall it and download the new and latest version from a good source and make sure that your system supports the latest version.

Other thing is that there might be some file corrupt or some virus is there which is resisting the running of your program so try to scan your computer and repair the windows and other files.

Do this in normal mode or the best thing is to do it from safe mode.



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CPU spike then crash. Win7 Dell Laptop 6400


See there is no virus in your computer which is causing problem. Also check your scheduled tasks under Control panel and then select scheduled tasks and then see for task that is set to 3 PM as you describe in your message that you get a error every 3 PM so this may be a scheduled task.

If you are running on a server using a domain then you need to contact your administrator to give help on these scheduled tasks if you simply running on a PC then you can check the scheduled tasks and then can change them.

Run a full scan to your computer and see if there is some error in your machine. If you got some virus then first remove it and then try to solve your problem.

These are some basic tasks you can work on to solve your problem.

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