How to make files password protected

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At home I share my personal computer with other member of my family.

I want my personal folders and files password protected from others .

Can I do this with Windows Operating System?

If not, is there any other competent software to do that.

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How to make files password protected



Hi Rose Taylor,

If you want to protect your file thorough windows OS, there is an option given in windows to do so. For that purpose I will tell you some steps and by following them you can encrypt your file which you want you to be protected. The steps are as under:

Select the file or folder which you want to protect

Right click on it and from the drop down menu select “properties”

In properties under “general” select “Advanced”

After selecting “Advanced” check the option “encrypt contents to secure data”

Apply the settings

But if you want to make your files or folders more protected then I would suggest you to use good software. You can use “folder lock”, “folder protect”, “A+ file protection”, ”Dark Files” and there are many more.

Thank you

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