How to install 3D scanners…

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What are 3D scanners? And are they good for eyesight? Can anyone please provide instructions on how to install 3D scanners?

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How to install 3D scanners…


3D scanners convert physical objects to 3D data using x-y-z coordinates. The lasers used are absolutely safe for your eyes

To install one you will need a PC and a camera then follow the instructions below:

Download the installer exe file

Allow it to Launch

Choose the installation mode.i.e standard, extraction only or update USB


The video below would be useful:

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How to install 3D scanners…


Hi Pierce,

3D scanner analyzes a real object or environment to collect data on its shape or appearance. The collected data could be used to construct digital, three dimensional models.

Collected data is used in various industries including entertainment industry.

It usually creates a cloud of geometric samples on the surface of the subject.

There are different type of scanners, contact and non-contact 3D scanners. Multiple scans might be required in getting a complete model.

You can download a 3D scanner in the website


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