Other option in installing scanner?

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My HP scanner is new, but what is the procedure in attaching it to our computer? I saw a picture of installation CD outside its box but I can't find it. What other option do I have? If I don't have the installation CD? Can I get the installation instruction on the internet?

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Other option in installing scanner?

  • Hello, you haven’t mention the model of your HP scanner, i will just give you the basic steps in installing a scanner, as far as I know installing a hardware in a computer whether it’s a scanner, printer a webcam etc. are almost the same procedure. You can follow these simple steps:
  • Insert your installation CD in the DVD-ROM/CD-ROM , Just follow the onscreen instruction once it will pop-up, the instructions will actually specify where you want to save the files related with the disc. When prompted to turn of the computer in the on-screen instruction, turn it off. Now connect the usb cable from your scanner to USB port of your computer, then plug the scanner and turn it on. That’s it you have installed the scanner.
  • But since you have lost the installation CD you can search it online, I can’t give you the link either since you don’t give the exact model of your HP scanner.
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Other option in installing scanner?


Dear thompwin,

      There are few ways on how you could install you printer without the installation cd, since its the new printer, it is expected that the printer is automatically installed by your computer. Please do the following to have a trial and error technique:

  1. connect the printer to your computer.
  2. a confirmation that a new device is detecting will appear.
  3. follow the instruction, if possible always click yes or next
  4. make sure that you have a antivirus scanner to make sure that your computer will be free of viruses.
  5. click finish.

afterwards, the printer will be installed in your computer, how to check?

  1. go to start button
  2. at the right side of the monitor, click device and printer
  3. if you can see the hp printer image and it has a check mark, it means that it was successfully installed.
  4. try to print maybe it would help.  

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