Why scanner Mac hand is showing error message continuously?

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Hi. I was checking my friend scanner when problem occurred as I tried to scan some documents. Although I have installed relevant softwares and configured  all setting of scanner Mac hand but it is not transferring pictures from scanner to PC. Light remains on showing scanner is working and sometime noise is raised but scanned image is not displayed. I am tired after continuous trial. Please some help what to do.

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Why scanner Mac hand is showing error message continuously?



Hi there Sherrydlongo,
Unfortunately, you gave us way to little details about the scanner, the software and the OS you are using to give you the proper solution.
The first thing you should do is to check if there are any compatibility problems with the OS and the scanner drivers you've installed. To do that you will have to visit the scanner producer website and make sure you have downloaded and installed the correct drivers. While you're there looking for some additional tools, like image editor or similar application as sometimes they are needed for the scanner to work properly.
Another thing you should check are the scanner software properties. See if output folder is set correctly and check if you have all the necessary permissions to write in the selected folder.
Hope this helped,
Drake Vivian

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