How to get rid of snatch password programs?

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How to get rid of snatch password programs? When logging in to internet cafe how can I be sure that there are no key loggers attached in a specific computer? Please let me know to get rid of those password snatchers. For security purposes.


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How to get rid of snatch password programs?



Hi Pat,
You can cross check the following things before entering your password on a internet cafe:
1) First of all if the internet provider uses a licensed version of the cyber cafe management system or not, If not you should tell the owner to disable that software for your terminal. Because this software can track your traffic and they have the ability to log on the local file system.
2) To verify that any process is not tracking from browser activities, disable the plugins. 
3) Key loggers consume a lot of CPU while in progress, so you can also monitor you CPU usage. 
Some things to take care before leaving the terminal:
1) Clear the history from the browser
2) Press windows+r and type %temp% in the opened dialog. It will open a folder with temporary files, delete all of them. 

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