Permissions on a folder, files and sub folders

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When you set Permissions on a folder, what happens to the files and sub folders?

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Permissions on a folder, files and sub folders


Hello dixon,

As you know very well that sub folders and files are contained in the folders themselves.Therefore, it is clear that any permissions applied on folders are applied to files and sub folders as well.

This property is called inheritance. The files and sub folders are contained in the folders therefore they usually adapt the permissions applied to folders.

But in some operating systems you are asked that you want permissions to be applied on folders only or folders as well as sub folders and files. So this is in your hand what you want to do.

thank you…

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Permissions on a folder, files and sub folders


Hi there , 

I think you need details regarding the permissions set to a file and or folders. When you set permissions, Its attributes and validate key is changed. Only the related admin or the permission provider can access the folder and or the files OR according to the settled permissions only the file can be accessed. 

If the file is set to read only then It cant be edited and also cannot be deleted without revoking the related Permissions settled to that respective file system or folders. 

Its like putting a special kind of locker to a file, Rather than passwords it requires authentication for each access specifiers.

Hope that helps.

Good luck .

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Permissions on a folder, files and sub folders


Navigate folder permits or may be denies going through folder to reach other documents or maybe a folder, whether or not the consumer does not have any choice with the traversed directors. Perform document permits or may be denies managing method documents.

Placing your traverse folder choice on a folder doesn't automatically established your do document choice with just about all documents to that folder. Record folder or maybe denies observing document titles along with subfolder titles from the folder.

Record folder solely influences your subject matter of this folder along with doesn't impact if the folder you're environment your choice with will probably be detailed.

Allows or maybe denies observing your capabilities of the document or maybe a folder, for example read-only along with undetectable capabilities tend to be identified by simply NTFS.

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