How to download linux scan hdd defects?

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Hi guys,

I just want to know if how to download Linux scan HDD defects? This is just a scanner but it will let me know if there are something wrong with my Linux operating system it is like a guard like antivirus and firewall. I really need it so bad, can you give me some links that will give me a freeware version of this kind of application?


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How to download linux scan hdd defects?



Since there are a lot of Linux distributions (distro) I can only provide you with one distribution which is very easy to use, since I used it for the same purpose and then some.

Go to

The latest version as of this posting is 12.04.1.

Click Download it now.

Select your desired version 32 bit or 64 bit.

If you do not know these get the default 32 bit.

Click Download.

The download dialog box will be displayed click save to save the ISO File

When done go to the downloads folder or where you saved the ISO file then right click on it

And go to open with open with windows Disk Image Burner to burn it

You will need a CD Disk only not DVD Disk to burn this image

After you burned the CD

Restart your computer and make sure your first boot device is the CD/DVD Drive

From there the Ubuntu menu will be displayed


Only select try Ubuntu without any change to your computer so that you can use the Linux OS as a temporary OS for your desired task of scanning the Hard disk drive.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.


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