Protect FilesThat Should Not Be Seen by Children

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I always save and collect photo and video "special and personal", it will be a dilemma between "must" save your collection, or delete them. I certainly do not want  a time when families, children, friends or relatives to your work access accidentally discovered that my collection. Then how do i protect the collection folder, so it is not easy even can not be accessed by someone other than me ?

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Protect FilesThat Should Not Be Seen by Children


So you are scared if somebody has accidentally seen the collections you are keeping in private. There are ways of keeping them away from being accessed and only you know where it is located. You can create a folder in your hard drive and make it hidden so that anyone who uses your computer will not normally see it. You can then copy all of your private collections in that hidden folder. To make a folder hidden, follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder, right-click on it and then choose Properties.
  2. Under General tab choose Hidden from the Attributes options and then click Apply or OK.

The folder is now hidden from normal viewing in Windows Explorer. You need to enable the option Show hidden files and folders in the Folders Options under View tab. This is also accessible in the Tools menu in Windows Explorer.

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Protect FilesThat Should Not Be Seen by Children


It seems that you don't want to embarrass yourself from others that knows who you are, well there are ways to do this and you can try both that suits you. First you can try the hide method in which your folder will be set to hidden so that no one sees your files.

To do this:

1. Go to the files that you are going to hide, if its in a single folder, then just select that single folder.

2. Right click and then select properties.

3. Set the folder to Hidden.

4. Then go to Folder Option from your Control Panel

5. Double click it then go to View Tab and activate Don't Show Hidden Files, Folders, or Drivers.


Now the problem with this setup is that, you don't know how one's mind is thinking. They might be curious if you have hidden files somewhere in your system. And might play some prank with you.

The answer to this? Select those users who can access your files.

Note: In order to this, you must have another account that is limited only or activate the guest account.

With this setup you can select only yourself to Open, Edit and Delete files in that specific folder. Even if it is visible in your system. To do this you must have the Security Tab.

Windows 7: Folder Options – View Tab – (Check) Use Sharing Wizard –
The default setting.

XP: Folder Options – View Tab – (Uncheck) Use Simple File Sharing – You have to uncheck it.

Now right click the folder and click Security Tab. Uncheck everything except for your username. Then apply it.

Hope this tip work for you.

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