How to defrag RAM of Blackberry mobile phone?

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To all valued members of Techyv:

I understand that the more the flash memory is being written the life decreases and a friend of mine told me that defragmentation is a very read/write intensive process. As it reduces the fragmentation of a file. But I really don’t understand the process of how to defrag the ram of the blackberry mobile phone. Is there any performance gained for defragmenting  memory since there is no moving parts all? Does it matter where data is being stored nit can be retrieved where it resides? To defrag ram of blackberry phone means useful in hard drive? Does it arrange data in a way that physical heads are not jumping over the place looking for data?

I hope somebody here could let me understand this.

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How to defrag RAM of Blackberry mobile phone?


Hi Black Burneliz,

Defragmentation is the rearrangement of files in the disk. This process is designed with increasing access speed by arranging files stored on a disk. It reduces the time to read files from the disk. Take an example from your blackberry mobile phone; if you have a numerous photos and songs stored in your Micro SD card installed, you really should defragment it. It is like you defragment your hard disk. You will notice the difference in how quickly the process in your BB such as browsing picture or loading songs. Therefore my answer to your performance question is definitely "YES". It makes all files sequential reads making process faster.  Defragmenting your blackberry's RAM also makes it faster for your hard drive performance.

To defragment your Blackberry phone, you should do the following steps:

  1. In your BlackBerry phone, go to Options menu and scroll to Advanced Options.
  2. Click "Applications". Select the unwanted software  and push the "Menu" button then "Delete.
  3. Your phone will prompt you to restart your device. You can restart immediately or continue on deleting.

You can also defragment your phone's memory automatically by enabling the status of Memory Cleaning menu. This will clean your phone memory when it is in idle status. Or you can add the Memory Cleaner icon to your Home menu if you don't want to set the status to automatic state.

Hope this help you in your inquiry.

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