How can I get rid getting fake emails?

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Nowadays, people who are creating fake emails are scattered around the world. So it is very hard to trust anyone easily. Can someone please provide suggestions on how I can avoid getting these fake mails from my inbox? How will I know if websites that offers job opportunities are fake or real?



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How can I get rid getting fake emails?


Hi Alexis Lopez,

Truly, you are pretty right. Nowadays, the whole world is filled with a lot of intruder and created fake emails aiming to get something in each one of us may it be an information, money, or anything, and the worst part is they target anyone. Well, yeah, we can never trust anyone especially if we only know that person in the internet.

Although we can never always say that person is really doing it or a intruder, we must always be cautious of whoever that is we are dealing with; we never know what we might get, but this does not mean all of the people in the internet are bad. Anyway, you just have to be careful when your trying to work with important things or data like credit cards, password, confidential information, etc.. They might be able to steal these information so be very careful when you are dealing with those things. Besides just being careful, there are things you can do to avoid being scammed.

Here are they"

1. Avoid messages that tells you that you win something although you did not join any of these. They are mostly scam. They tell you to pay a fee for claiming the reward.

2. Avoid giving your credit card number. Sometimes, some"reward" sites prompts you to enter the last three digits of your credit card number. Somehow, with that three digits, they are able to steal into your credit cards.

3. Avoid joining sites that tells you that you will earn money, but you need to pay first. It is mostly scam.

Well, there are still things to avoid. In order to avoid these, just search the sites or the persons you are dealing with. Have a background check on them; you might find out something.

Hope this helps.

Mathew Joni

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How can I get rid getting fake emails?


Hi Alexis Lopez!

Nowadays people are sending fake emails and sites that steal information send links via email or messengers (Mostly in Yahoo messenger). I will suggest you do not open any website link sent to you by unknown person.

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How can I get rid getting fake emails?


Sending fake emails are becoming famous on this Internet Age. This is a technique that creates misleading email messages which aims to get your personal information including your credit card number. Phishing is the rising online crime process that is used to steal the personal finances of a user. They used distinct tactics to entice you. They used well-known and trusted websites or brands as a bait and then send to the recipients with their fake messages that is similar to a valid messages or an online website.

It is very difficult to identify if the message is fraudulent. However, you can be very suspicious on the message that you are receiving. Legit businesses do not ask for personal info's through email. Don't just click on the links provided with the email messages. Type the URL on your browser instead. They sometimes altered the name on the URLs such as and they used or Fake messages usually comes with an image instead of text in their messages. And this image is commonly a hyperlink.

Also, there are phishing schemes that comes with attachments and those can infect your computer with viruses and spyware. Always look closely on the URL. Go with the URLs that uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect you from entering your personal information. The web addresses should be https:// instead of http://. S stands for Secure.

Don't just answer email messages with your personal information especially if you don't know the sender. Do not click on suspicious looking emails. And always use a very strong passwords and change them regularly.

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How can I get rid getting fake emails?


If you want to avoid getting scammed, know what websites you’ve created an account. Most scams originate from spam messages and you see them in your “Spam” folder on your email client like Microsoft Office Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. Spam messages are the ones originating from unknown senders, most of the time, email advertisements.

If you open an email message from the spam folder, all the links and images it contains will not be opened that’s why you don’t see a picture in there. This prevents the spammer from detecting if you opened the message or not. If they send you a message and they didn’t detect any activity from you, they will stop sending you messages.

This is for the spam messages you receive that contain advertisements. If you receive a personal email from someone you don’t know, transfer that message to the spam folder before opening it to make sure no links of some sort will be opened. Also, don’t ever download any attachments from someone you don’t know.

If you receive a message saying you’ve won a contest and they need your personal information for claiming the prize, try to remember if you’ve joined a contest before providing any credentials. If you haven’t joined any contest or any similar raffle promo, don’t give them your credentials.

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