Security software to record password

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In the internet, I have many accounts like social networking, email, internet banking, etc. I’ve set different username and password for each account but I'm a forgetful person.

Is there any way to help me remember all of my username and password account?

I've tried writing them all in notepad, but I think it is not safe.

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Security software to record password


Hi Dear,

The better way to remember your password is to provide hints so that when you see these hints, you will remember your password.

Another solution for you, decrypt your password and put it in some notepad file. No one would know that this is your password. And when you want to use it, encrypt it again.


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Security software to record password


I recommend you to put your password in a notepad file and lock this file.

How can you lock this file?

Use WinRAR software. Right click the notepad file then choose the option ‘Add to archive’, Go to Advanced Option and select ‘set password’.

Your notepad file is now safe.

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Security software to record password



You can download a program, Spytector, which is able to monitor and record all your passwords. It can be configured to find passwords from Firefox and protected storage, such Internet Explorer and Outlook. You can download a trial or you can purchase this software on the Spytector webpage.

One of the best free softwares is LastPass where you will remember only one password which is your LastPass password and LastPass will remember all the passwords of every website or service you use. 

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